ABMA 美国轴承制造商协会

美国轴承制造商协会(American Bearing Manufacturers Association,简称ABMA)是由美国轴承制造商联合组成的非盈利性组织,其宗旨是为轴承产品制定国家和国际标准,并收集和维护关于轴承工业的统计数据。ABMA已成为美国轴承工业的代表,并深刻影响美国政府政策制定和国际贸易。目前,85%的美国轴承制造商均为AMBA的会员。

The American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA) is comprised of the most successful and forward-thinking manufacturers in the U.S. bearing industry. Formerly the Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association (AFBMA), the ABMA was formed in 1917 as an informal committee to aid the U.S. production of bearings in World War I. Continuing that tradition, the ABMA has become the collective voice of the American bearing industry, influencing government policies and international trade.
ABMA has developed more than 25 industry standards addressing insert bearings, tapered roller bearings, miniature/instrument bearings, linear motion bearings and more.

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