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主题:AS9100:2009 航空、航天和国防行业质量管理体系要求常见问题回答

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AS9100:2009 航空、航天和国防行业质量管理体系要求常见问题回答  发帖心情 Post By:2009-12-4 7:42:00 [只看该作者]

Forward 前言

To assist in the deployment and sustainment of 9100:2009, the International Aerospace Group (IAQG) 9100 Team has developed a collection of questions and clarifications for users of the standard. It is intended that these FAQ’s be updated as new questions are received.


General 9100:2009 Revision Registration

What is the purpose of the 9100 standard?

★The 9100 standard on quality management system requirements is intended to be used at all levels of the supply chain. Its use can result in improved quality, schedule and cost performance. This standard is primarily developed for the aviation, space and defense industry, but can also be used in other industries.

★ Who is responsible for updating the 9100 standard?

★The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) is responsible for
the development and maintenance of the 9100 standard. For further
details contact 9100 team via the IAQG website.
Rev D 4/6/2009 2  

★ How can you tell the difference between the ISO 9001:2008 text and the 9100 text?
您是如何告诉我们ISO 9001:2008和9100标准之间不同内容的?

★The bold, italic text represents the aviation, space and defense
specific additions.
标准用黑体斜体文字来表示在ISO 9001:2008标准基础上为航空、航天和国防特定的附加要求。

★ Where can I find more information about the IAQG and the standards it has published?
我从哪里得到有关 IAQG和已经发布的各项标准更多的信息?

★The International Aerospace Quality Group website is located at

★ What are the benefits of implementing IAQG quality standards?

★IAQG members agree to use standards internally and with suppliers
o One voice, minimize variation, shared resources, reduced
duplication and waste

★Focus on the complete supply chain and stakeholders

★True global Aerospace cooperation and harmonization

★Higher quality products at reduced cost

★Fewer , customer-unique documents

★System for Third Party approval

★Shared supplier approval database

★Recognition by Regulatory Authorities

★Open sharing of “Best Practices” 公开分享“最佳操作”。

★Networking with Quality Directors / VPs in Primes and Suppliers

★Rapid consensus & deployment 快速达成一致和开发。

★ Why change the 9100 standard?

★9100 has been revised to address the following needs:

★Incorporate ISO 9001:2008 changes
跟着ISO 9001:2008 修改。

★Expand scope to include land and sea based systems for defense applications 扩大使用范围,从原来航空、航天扩大包括陆和海上基础国防行业的应用。

★Ensure alignment with IAQG strategy (on-time, on-quality performance)

★Adopt new requirements based on stakeholder needs

★ Improve existing requirements where stakeholders identified need for clarification, including when a documented procedure is required.

★ Who provided input to the 9100 revision?

★IAQG and its sector member companies, IAQG Strategy Streams and Teams, suppliers, civil airworthiness authorities, certification/registration bodies, defense industry and authorities, space industry companies, regulatory authorities and trade group associations.
Rev D 4/6/2009 3

★ What process was used to determine the changes to 9100?

★The 9100 team used a project management approach to solicit input and manage the revision as follows:

★Project Management 项目管理
Design Specification; IAQG Strategy; 9100 objectives; Stakeholder inputs; and Web survey inputs.

★Data Mining and Consolidation 修改日期协调一致
MCRT (Master Comments Review Template) which was used to collect over 400 comments and proposals.

★Review Process  评审过程
Review of proposals by the IAQG 9100 team based on the Design Specification (approx. 40% acceptance).

★Draft coordination and voting  协调起草草案,投票通过
1st draft issue July 2007, 9100 team review October 2007, informal coordination draft issue November 2007, stakeholders comments review April 2008; formal ballot issue May 2008, vote October 2008; release January 2009.
第一份草案2007年7月发布,9100团队在2007年10月作了评审,11月发布了非正式的协调草案。2008年4月利益相关方评审,供投票用正式版本在2008年5月发出,2008年 10月投票通过,2009年1月正式颁布。

★ Where can I find more information on the changes to 9100:2009?  在哪里我能发现有关9100:2009版更改更多的信息?

★7.1.1 Project Management - New requirement for planning and managing product realization in a structured and controlled way.  
7.1.1 项目管理 - 新提出的要求,要求在结构和控制途径上加以策划和管理产品实现。

★7.1.2 Risk Management - New requirement of implementation of a risk management process applicable to the projects & products; responsibility, criteria, mitigation & acceptance.
7.1.2 风险管理 - 新提出的要求,要求执行一个风险管理过程,应用于项目和产品;包括风险的责任、准则、降低和接纳。

★7.1.3 Configuration Management - Moved from clause 4.3 to clause 7.1 and added details on the different activities to be covered.
7.1.3 技术状态管理 - 把原来4.3条移动到7.1条,增加了有关需要加以包括的不同活动的具体要求。

★7.1.4 Control of Work Transfer - Moved from clause 7.5 (Production) to clause 7.1 to add emphasis on having a process to plan and control of transfer activities.
7.1.4 转移工作的控制 - 把原来7.5条(生产)这条要求移动到7.1条来。强调要有一个过程来策划和控制各项转移工作活动。

★Product quality and on-time delivery performance - Added requirement for “product conformity” and “on-time delivery” to be measured, and appropriate actions taken if planned results are not achieved. The intent is to provide a linkage between the QMS and organization performance.
产品质量和及时交付绩效 - 新提出要求,要针对“产品符合性”和“及时交付”加以测量。而且提出,当策划结果没有达到的话,要求采取适当的措施。意图是在质量管理体系和组织的绩效之间提供一个链接。

★Process to be required to address control of Special Requirements, Critical Items and Key Characteristics - Key characteristic requirements remain unaltered, but the concept of identifying special requirements (either from the customer or by the organization) which  require additional controls (e.g. risk management), that translate into Critical Items, which then may flow to Key characteristics for variation
control is new.
凡是特殊要求、临界实体和关键特性要求有过程来加以控制 - 保留关键特性,没有变化,但是,提出新的概念,就是要识别特殊要求(无论是从顾客角度或者组织角度),针对特殊要求要采取附加的控制(也就是风险管理)。通过风险管理把特殊要求转化成各种临界实体,才可以再转化为关键特性,以便对其变差加以控制。

★Formal monitoring of customer satisfaction data - Added the requirement to monitor data and to develop improvement plans that address deficiencies. The intent is to promote continuous improvement of the product and customer satisfaction.
对顾客满意数据的正式监视 - 增加了这项要求,为了监视数据以及开发改进薄弱环节的计划。意图是促进持续改进产品和顾客满意。
Rev D 4/6/2009 4

★ Where can I find additional information on the primary changes? 我从哪里可以见到其他有关主要更改的信息?

★IAQG Website http://www.iaqg.sae.org/iaqg/
从AQG网站 http://www.iaqg.sae.org/iaqg/

★IAQG 9100 Deployment Material
http://www.iaqg.sae.org/iaqg/organization/requirements.htm#ipr 从IAQG 9100开发材料网站http://www.iaqg.sae.org/iaqg/organization/requirements.htm#ipr

★ What about the requirements from regulatory authorities, is there any


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A general requirement has been introduced (in 4.1) to address all the applicable statutory and regulatory QMS requirements in the organization's QMS, instead of keeping detailed requirements into chapters.

★ Why was First Article Inspection (FAI) moved to clause and renamed? 为什么把首件检验移动到第7.5.1.1条,而且把名称也改了?

★Production process verification “FAI” is the requirement to validate the production processes, documentation and tooling and repeat the process when necessary (i.e. when engineering or manufacturing processes change). The requirement was moved from  (measurement) to (production) because it is part of product
realization and is not intended to be a follow on activity.

★ What is the difference between Key Characteristics, Special Requirements and Critical Items?

★Special Requirements are those requirements that have high risks to being achieved, hence requiring their inclusion in the risk management process. 特殊要求是指那些要想达到这些要求具有高风险的那些要求。因此,必须对这些要求包括在风险管理过程之中。

★Critical Items, including key characteristics, are those items that have significant effect on the product realization and use of the product, and hence require specific actions to assure they are adequately managed.

★Key Characteristics includes an attribute or feature whose variation has a significant effect on product fit, form, function, performance, service life or producibility, that requires specific actions for the purpose of controlling variation.

★ ISO 10007 is referenced after Configuration Management, does this mean it is required?
ISO 10007是《技术状态管理》要求后面引用的标准,这是否意味这是一项要求?

★No, ISO 10007 is included in a Note for reference only where additional information on configuration management can be obtained.
不是要求。ISO 10007是放在“注”里的,仅供参考。告诉您从哪里可以得到有关技术状态管理的附加信息。

★ Do the ISO 9001:2008 changes affect 9100:2009?
ISO 9001:2008版的更改对9100:2009标准是否起作用?

★Yes. The 9100 standard has been updated to stay consistent with ISO 9001:2008, which will continue to be the baseline. The changes being incorporated into ISO 9001:2008 are considered an amendment and minor in nature.
是的。9100标准已经更新,其目的就是为了跟上ISO 9001:2008额更新。因为,ISO 9001:2008是9100标准的基础。ISO 9001:2008所作的更改已经考虑了,而且从本质上来说也是起码要做的更改。
Rev D 4/6/2009 5

★ How long will we have to transition to 9100:2009?

★30 months. Companies will be encouraged to upgrade during their scheduled audit cycle.

★ Will auditor and registrar training be available?

★Yes, the sanctioned auditor training is being developed and will consist of both 9100 and 9101 training.

★ Are 9110, 9120 and 9101 going to be updated to continue alignment with

★Yes, the 9110 and 9120 standards will continue to use 9100 as their baseline and will follow the release of 9100 within a six month timeframe. 9101 will incorporate 9111 and 9121 and be published as one standard.

★ Where can copies of new 9100, 9110, 9120 and 9101 standards be obtained?

★There are numerous national and regional standards bodies. Each has their own publication schedule requirements. The sector standard bodies are as follows:

Contact John on IAQG link 可以和IAQG的John联系
? 美国的SAE (Americas): http://.aerospace.sae.org/
? 欧洲的 ASD (Europe): http://www.asd-stan.org/
? 亚太SJAC (Asia/Pacific): http://www.sjac.or.jp/en_index.html

★ Our company is currently registered to 9100, but based on the new Scope statement we should be registered to 9110. Does this mean we will have to change our registration?

★If an organization needs other QMS standards in addition to 9100, such as 9120 (Distributor) or 9110 (Maintenance) then the additional registration requirements should be determined by customer and regulatory requirements. More than one standard registration may be necessary if the products of the company meet several of the standards′ scopes (i.e. a company that manufactures products and also sell
maintenance services). Clause 1.2 Introduction outlines the new applicability statements for 9100, 9110 and 9120.

★ Why was the text deleted from Clause 4.2.2 Quality Manual Relationships?

★The deletion of the requirement to create a document showing the relationship between 9100 requirements and the organizations documented procedures was seen as adding no value to assuring product quality above the existing ISO text. Users of 9100 will still need to identify appropriate documented procedures as an inherent part
of being audited. The rational is there other ways to show the relationships and we need to be flexible to other methods of achieving the same intended result.
Rev D 4/6/2009 6

★ Where do I find definitions of some of the terms used in 9100?

★IAQG Dictionary has a wide range of definitions and includes definitions
from ISO 9000:2005. The 9100:2009 uses both of these sources in lieu
of adding definitions to the standard.
IAQG 字典具有广泛的定义,其中包括来自 ISO 9000:2005的定义。9100:2009标准采用以上两方面的来源,除此之外,再有的定义就在标准中规定了。